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My Girl

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Capture Your Grief: Day 2

Day 2. WHO THEY ARE | Share about your beautiful children today. Who are they? When were they born? How long did you have them for? What is their name? Share as much or as little as you feel comfortable with.

What is my beautiful daughter's name?  
For the first 8 1/2 months of my pregnancy our daughter's name was Emma Grace.  Before she was born Jamie and I both decided that the name didn't suit our princess anymore.  

Jamie printed off two copies of the top 1000 names for girls in 2002.  He said "Highlight what you like and I'll do the same thing.  Then we will put together a name." After a few minutes Jamie said only one name out loud. We knew it was our Princess' name right away: Faith Elizabeth.  It just fit perfectly. Until the day she left us her name was very fitting of her.

She was also know to us a "Baby Girl," "Princess," "Beautiful," and "Faithie."

When was she born?
Faithie loved where she was, snuggled and safe inside her Momma's womb. Her Daddy, Mommy and Midwife encouraged her to come out at 41weeks 4days.  Through the magic of medicine and many prayers she finally arrived at 2:32 pm.  Faith was my only child to be born vaginally.  I was able to feel her head as she was entering the world.  My eyes instantly filled with tears of joy.  She was immediately placed on my chest unlike her brothers as they were born via C-Section.  I can't explain what took place right there but I knew without a shadow of a doubt I was over joyed at having a girl.  (I was scared at first most of my pregnancy about having a daughter.)  

How long did you have them for?
Faithie lived with us for 10 beautiful, trying, loving, learning filled years.  She died instantly in a car crash.  A young man of 24 didn't see my husband coming and pulled out in front of Jamie and Faithie.  The crash killed her instantly.  Her Daddy survived with a broken collar bone and 2 broken ribs.  He also is suffering from PTSD with major depression.  He feels like he failed his Princess by not saving her.  We wish she had lived longer than 10 years.

Who are they?
Faith was our princess and she knew it.  She knew how loved she was.  When she was 2 she was diagnosed with Autism and started school way before I was ready.  I remember crying her first day of school.  

From school finally learned how to find her voice and was able to conquer speech.  We were so blessed.

Faith was loved in her elementary school.  When we had her visitation so many students from her school came to talk to us and many teachers.  She brought joy.  The students wrote down memories of Faithie and a popular one was how she loved to give out high fives until your hand hurt and encourage you.  

Elijah says "Faithie was a loving person.  She was helpful."
Trever says "She was kind."

TO Jamie she was his princess.  She was always the first one to greet him at the door when he came home from work.  Faith was the first person she carried an actual conversation with on the phone too. It was about 2 years before she passed away.  Jamie was so full of emotion that he told me he pulled off the road and cried tears of joy.

TO me Faithie was my world.  I battled for her constantly and battled with her constantly.  She hung on me all the time and loved me greatly.  When I would leave the house she'd run after me to go.  If I wanted to go somewhere alone I'd have to sneak out of the house.  Oh I wish that was the case today.

Faithie is one of my greatest heroes.  I will always remember and love her. Her Daddy and brothers will too.

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