My Girl

My Girl

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Faithie's Room

Worst sight right now 😢 Faithie your ceiling is getting fixed today and we had to empty your room.  The curtains made years ago and up until today were taken down.

I would be fine if I knew your room would be filled back up with not just some of your stuff but with you as well. Oh how my heart wishes you were here to watch. I can just see you covering your ears as you watch the carpenter saw out the dry wall.  I can hear you saying in your scripted voice, "He's fixing it!"

I just don't know what to do with your room. As of right now I've used it to store miscellaneous stuff.  At one time I had your room completely messy from the different items I put in there. It took Daddy and  me hours to clean my mess.

After it was cleaned we put the queen mattress in there.  Your room has been a guest room since then.

Mema and Papa and Aunt Jerri use your room for a place to sleep.  Aunt Jerri said it felt a little weird knowing you used to sleep and play in there but now no longer.

 I wanted to put off fixing your ceiling for as long as possible because I don't want the paint job Daddy did for you ruined. The carpenter will be careful of the paintedd walls but the ceiling is ruined at the edge so most likely it'll be ruined a little.  Or maybe not at all. And that would mean I'm borrowing unnecessary sadness.

Daddy and I want to keep the paint job and your room a little girlie for a long while.  We're not ready to make it a true guest room or an office.

We discussed it yesterday that the only way we will paint the room a different color is if your Mema and Papa decide to live with us.  Until that day your room will always be known as Faithie's room.
I love you Faith Elizabeth ALWAYS and FOREVER.

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